Asthma is associated with levels of vitamin D3 and blood group in the southwest of Iran

Document Type : Original research paper


Abadan University of Medical Sciences, Abadan, Iran


introduction: The prevalence of vitamin D3 deficiency (VDD) is high even though it exert several consequences. According to the literature, there is a likely relationship between vitamin D3 levels and the development of asthma. IgE is one of the critical factors in developing the symptoms of allergic diseases. The present study aimed to investigate the association between vitamin D3, IgE, and blood group with asthma in patients in the Southwest of Iran.
Methods: Following a cross-sectional design, individuals with asthma and healthy volunteers aged 16 years old, who visited hospitals and clinics in Abadan (a city in the Southwest of Iran), were studied. The ELISA kit measured the serum levels of vitamin D3 and IgE, and the participants’ blood groups were also determined.
Results: The serum levels of vitamin D3 were significantly lower in the asthma patients than in the control group, and there was a negative relationship between these variables. There was also a relationship between asthma and blood group. Furthermore, the serum level of IgE in asthma patients increased significantly compared to the control group. A negative correlation was also noticed between the serum levels of IgE and vitamin D3 in the asthma patients.
Conclusion: Given the relationship between asthma and VDD, it is necessary to evaluate the serum level of vitamin D3 in a population, even in low latitude regions, and provide vitamin D3 supplements to adjust lifestyle.