Evaluation of knowledge and preventive practice of patients admitted to Khorramshahr and Abadan hospitals of Covid19

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Abadan University of Medical Sciences



Background and Aim: The prevalence of Covid virus is a global crisis that the prevention of preventive behaviors of the general public is one of the main ways to break the chain of transmission of the disease and get rid of this crisis. And Abadan from Covid19 disease. Methods: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, 250 patients admitted to Abadan and Khorramshahr hospitals participated with informed consent. The data collection tool in this field was a self-made questionnaire of knowledge and practice of preventive behaviors. Scores are divided into three levels: good (above 24), average (13-14), poor (below 13). Validity and reliability of this questionnaire has also been done. Data were analyzed using statistical tests and SPSS22 software. Results: The results showed that the average knowledge of participants (34.00 81 3.81) and the level of preventive behaviors (62.67 9 9.15) were obtained. The level of knowledge and practice of participating patients from Khorramshahr hospital Significance is higher than Abadan Hospital. In the field of education, it was found that academics had higher performance and with increasing age, the level of knowledge and with increasing age, the level of performance score has increased (P <0.001) Conclusion: The present study showed that the participating patients have a good level of knowledge and practice of preventive behaviors of COVID19. However, additional interventions and educational programs from media and virtual networks are necessary


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